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Down on the Farm

This handsome guy just celebrated his 3rd birthday at Maple Wood Farm in North Vancouver.  It was a day of sun, laughter, family and friends, picnic-style food,  farm-themed treats, and plenty of joy. I ran  after the energetic birthday boy, capturing his priceless expression as he was showered with chicken feathers following a wild chase through the farm (I was very relieved it was only FEATHERS).  I raced after the boys as they pushed each other on the most adorable little green tractor and I hid in the bushes so I could sneak in some candid photos of him and his parents looking for fish in the creek.  I was even there to document the moment when this sweet guy’s balloons slipped from his hands,  ultimately getting lost in the branches high above us.  There were some tears, but not the kind of melt-down one might expect from an exhausted boy at the end of his birthday.  He kept his cool while his kind Mama comforted him and  I snapped away at the sweetness of the moment.  It was one of those  carefree and happy days that will be remembered warmly by all in attendance.

Wishing you the happiest of birthdays Mister R.  You are such a polite, good-natured, and stylish little man. Enjoy your 3rd year!



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