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First Photo Shoot

I’d never really been a big part of any photo shoot before, I’ve helped out my sister (who models) with a few things and I’ve seen outtakes from her own shoots before, but before the photoshoot we did with baby…


Petite Amie is French for “little friend,” encompassing that we are looking to capture all of our little friends in all stages of their growth and development, and hoping that you will also become one of our little friends. We…

Little Willem

There is something about the bond between a young boy and his Mother, that draws me, and my camera, in. Maybe it is the sweetness of that stage of a child’s life, where his Mom is his world, his best…

A Double-Session

When you have a family as gorgeous this one, it is hard to stop taking photos of them. In this case, it worked out well for me, as the family ordered two one-hour sessions on separate days.  The first photo…

Impromptu Photo Shoot

I was walking down the street, my mind processing the long list of things I needed to accomplish that afternoon. On the opposite side of the road, a woman in a belted emerald green dress and dark shades caught my…

Little Explorer

Bishop was a joy to photograph. Her bravery and curiosity resulted in some great action shots, not to mention entertainment.  Her Mom had tried a couple of photography studios in the past, but Bishop didn’t want to sit still. As…

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